Bears are very significant in Norse culture, and learning about the animal is essential as part of one's path to becoming a Berserkr, or simply for those guys who feel a natural connection with the animal. 

The course covers everything you should know about bears, from a scientific perspective (undergraduate/graduate/doctoral level). So yeah, it is dry, but thorough, factual, and objective.

And for those of you with a PAWGI cert, this course also qualifies for the PAWGI Wildlife specialization (Bears).


The Bjǫrn course is entirely completed online at your own pace. For our bros deployed in countries with unreliable internet access, we can also send all materials covered in the course on a USB key.

This course is organized in 6 sections: Bear FolkloreBear & Human ConflictsBear Status & ConservationBear Biology, Range, and HabitatBear Behavior, and Bear Observation.



How to get started? Easy: You just need to sign up!

Cost of course is $50*.


* Course is free for hirðmenn and above. Contact your Úlfheðinn for access.