The 2020 Enlistment intake is designed to condition and train selected candidates to the rank of Berserkr for assignment to a combat unit and service in private contracting operations within Jómsvíkingar.

The program is similar to military service, including benefits such as similar pay, training, equipment, accommodations, and sustenance, as well as obligations such as a 5-year minimum commitment.

The 2020 intake is primarily geared towards young males who are citizens of selected countries (The Nordics, the United States, Canada, and Australia), who are 21 and under, who are exceptionally fit, resilient, unattached, and who do not have previous military training.

The program is at the level of Nordic Special Operation Forces, and involves hardcore survival training, advanced military skills, as well as extensive combat training, primarily in a northern environment, and all in remote locations and in complete isolation from society.


Below is a brief summary of the profiles we're after. If you think you’ve got what it takes, send us your preliminary application.



You need to be exceptionally fit. Naturally. Our philosophy does not allow for artificial and impractical fitness achieved through the use of steroids or supplements. Additionally, we believe that physical fitness is a fundamental aspect of a man's identity, and a necessity in our line of business.



You need to have exceptional mental strength and be able to face any possible situation with absolute serenity. In other words, you need to be able to take serious shit. We'll put you to the test.



You need to be willing to undergo pretty serious training similar to that of special forces. Yes, this does include a lot of glíma, as well as a fair deal of pain and suffering. 



Core evolutionary male skills, such as wilderness survival, hunting, tracking, archery, weapon use, competitive sports, and martial arts, are highly desirable.



You need an open mind and to be free of prejudices (especially Abrahamic) that do not serve an evolutionary purpose, as you will be pushed outside of your comfort zone both during training and your career. Psychological flexibility is essential.



You need to have a high standard of personal ethics. Essentially, you need to naturally know what's right from what's wrong, and be the master of your own actions. You also need to have it in you to naturally risk life and limb for those in your tribe.


If you think you've got what it takes, you are free to send us this preliminary application for consideration. Be descriptive and specific enough though, as we will only consider guys we believe are a potential match. We also suggest you follow up by sending a full height photo clearly showing your level of fitness to vikingar@norskk.com.

Note that we will only contact you if you have been pre-selected for further assessment.

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