There is a toxic, dangerous, and popular movement that is afflicting Anglophone countries, and particularly Western Canada. It is third-wave feminism, or neo-feminism. The ideology is a form of fascism and its sole foundation is a pathologic hatred towards men, and the oppression and emasculation of such men as an ultimate goal.

 This page lists hot spots of Feminazis, so you, as an intact male, can avoid undue aggravation and harassment.



Rude and abuse all-female staff, especially Deborah, with no knowledge whatsoever of provincial laws regulating her profession, and who will deny you service and threatens to call security if you ask her to act professionally and within the law.


With the exception of a very knowledgeable and professional lady of Norse background, the rest of the staff, apparently all-female, is particularly incompetent, and will deny any male service if he questions any of their actions.