Folkish State

By Þórólfur Björnsson

Heathens in the English speaking world are now facing a new threat: The rise of Folkish State.

Folkish State (FS) is a type of community founded on racism and homophobia, and whose dogma is centralized around Garment Neo-Paganism (GNP). Folkish State groups normally form in trailer parks in America's west, including Utah and California*, and frequently initiate cyber-terrorism attacks on actual Heathens whose only crime is to mind their own business.

Folkish State members actively promote a so-called "pure blood line". Interestingly, they seldom can trace their own ancestry, due to widespread inbreeding and inherent promiscuity. As a matter of fact, very few FS members display any of the Aryan features they promote and embrace. They are typically intellectually challenged, they normally lack basic fitness and are often obese, and they are nowhere in appearance to their blonde and blue eyes ideals.

These Garment Neo-Pagans also normally have an unhealthy fixation on others' sexuality, and they are prompt to immediately refer to accusations of "fagotry" at the first sign of conflict or disagreement. Yet, they are statistically often closeted homosexuals who have been known to offer oral sex to other men when intoxicated. 

Because Folkish State members do not speak any nordic language (and actually barely speak their own language, English), do not have any actual knowledge of Nordic history, and have never been involved in nordic culture, they are reduced to practicing a form of Neo-Paganism called Garment Neo-Paganism. This consists in wearing Nordic and Viking-looking apparel, preferably with references to completely unearned combat heroism, as a "guaranteed" ticket to a place they call in their own dialect, "Valhalla".

Garment Neo-Pagans do not embrace any Nordic or Norse fundamental values at all, such as honor, courage, or integrity, and actually actively promote moral bankruptcy. Nor do Garment Neo-Pagans typically display any traditional Norse skills or characteristics. As a matter of fact, Folkish State members are often over reliant on guns (or airsoft toys as per the guy in the above photo), at the exclusion of any other skill, are also likely to die of exertion from merely climbing a set of stairs, and do not have the courage to engage in actual physical combat.

Accordingly, the mode of operation of Folkish State is keyboard warfare and cyber-terrorism. This includes Denial of Service attacks, comment flooding, false reports of harassment, false reports of offense, bogus negative reviews, Intellectual Property theft, artwork defacing, etc... All traditionally undertaken in a particularly dishonorable way, that is, anonymously, under fake names, or hidden behind the name of various forums and web pages.

Heathens worldwide are starting to respond to the threat of Folkish State. Many Garment Neo-Pagans are now being banned from entering Nordic countries and the rest of the EEA, due to their activities that constitute criminal offenses in European countries. Folkish State members are also more often systematically sued or prosecuted for their offenses relating to copyright infringements. More recently, courts have paved the way to limiting Folkish State financial means by awarding substantial damages, resulting in various seizures, against Garment Neo-Pagans who engage in cyberterrorism activities, including leaving bogus reviews.

* Latest information: Documented Folkish State cells in Monroe, Michigan, and Nashua, New Hampshire.

(Photo is of suspected Folkish State member in Utah, whom graphically added a fake beard to his actual original photo).


Þórólfr Björnsson

Reykjavik, Iceland