Vikings Live Longest

By Þór Þórðarson


According to Dr. Christopher Murray of the University of Washington in Seattle, Icelandic men are the world's longest living men! Not surprisingly, our American and British bros, though, don't do so good, primarily because of obesity, and smoking. 

Icelandic or not, however, living a long life appears to be conditional on not becoming a father too early. Dr Elina Einiö, of the Population Research Unit at the University of Helsinki, Finland, reports indeed that fathering children at age 22 increases your chances of early death by 73%, compared to waiting a few more years, to reach 25 or older.

This adds on to a Cambridge study which suggests that young fathers are more likely to pass genetic flaws.

So, young man, hold your horses before you start spreading your seeds, and instead, train to become a Víkingr!