The SJW Grand Inquisition

By Þórolfur Björnsson


Professor Janice Fiamengo, of University of Ottawa, is the latest victim of the regressive liberal witch hunt to be indicted by the SJW Grand Inquisition. 

In a complaint filed with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, a student has claimed (female, you have guessed) that Professor Fiamengo discriminated against her, due to her undisclosed disability. According to the female student, Professor Fiamengo missed a deadline to have her final exam overseen by the university disability office, with special software provided as well as extra time. The female student was offered other accommodations, including the opportunity to write the exam at home (as she had done with previous assignments), as well as the option to have the exam deferred. However, the female student refused these accommodations, saying they were inadequate. Finally, the female student received an aggregate mark in the course, without having to write the final exam at all.

In her complaint, the female student is asking that Professor Fiamengo be disciplined, alleging that she has a prejudice against students with disabilities, based on remarks Professor Fiamengo allegedly made in class. The female student is also demanding that the entire system for dealing with disabled students at the university be overhauled. A system which has already costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Professor Fiamengo was never told by the female student, or by anybody at the disability office, that the female student required special software. Professor Fiamengo was told only that the female student needed extra time for tests. Professor Fiamengo was happy to accommodate the student, by allowing her to write her exams on her own personal computer, taking whatever time she felt adequate.

The female student, however, claimed that the accommodations were grossly insufficient, and whined this was an affront to her dignity as well as a severe injustice. And you guessed it, the female student is seeking substantial damages.

Mediation was attempted some weeks ago with no progress, and a hearing for 5 to 10 days will be scheduled in 2017.

At this point, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent by the University of Ottawa to give free unearned trophies to very special students, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal proceedings are to cost the taxpayers of Ontario an estimated $500,000.