Who is Lorna Tessier?

By Þórólfur Björnsson

More information has surfaced, and more questions have been raised, about Lorna Tessier. She is the Lifelabs female employee in Canada who is alleged to have denied medical care and services to a foreign-born male patient, nearly killing him (see our previous article on Apple News “The Lifelabs Fiasco”, or at https://norskk.com/folks/2016/11/19/the-lifelabs-fiasco).

According to her own public posts on social media, Lorna Tessier is a supporter of the British National Party, a Neo-Nazi organization. She also strongly opposes immigration. Lorna Tessier’s extreme right views therefore raise serious questions as to the motives of her denial of service to a patient who clearly was not born in Canada, had a Norse name, and an accent.  Such apparent prejudice and bigotry also puts into question Lifelabs’ ability to provide unprejudiced medical services to a diverse Canadian population. It is unclear whether Lorna Tessier understands that Norse people settled Canada several hundred years before her own people. It is also unclear whether she was ever previously accused or convicted of a hate crime or other discrimination.

More posts on her social media accounts further suggest Lorna Tessier is suffering from mental illnesses, with reference on her Facebook page to “unpredictable routs of rage and irritability”. She even mentions difficulties actually dealing with people posting that “some days I just stay inside because it feels too peopley out there”. While a possible wide array of mental illnesses would explain her abuse of a patient in medical distress as well as paranoia, it raises yet more questions about Lifelabs’ ability to properly screen employees entrusted with the health and the life of Canadians.

Lorna Tessier is still facing civil lawsuits in the United States and Canada, and criminal charges in Europe.

Lorna Tessier did not respond to our request for comments. Photo Credit: Lorna Tessier / Facebook. Lorna Tessier now deleted archive of her Facebook timeline can be found here.