Peter Osborne Gentry


There are many issues currently plaguing the ranks of the U.S. ARMY, in this article I’ll be discussing the Army’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Prevention program, better known as SHARP.

The poster you see above is one of many that depict females being victimized by males, and I can only assume the two bros in this poster are depicting Mr. White Shirt being “Victimized” by Mr. Slick Hair. That’s all fine and good, we get it, RAPE is BAD!

The real issue here is that we have now created a culture of ‘Victimization” within an organization that exists for a single purpose. To FIGHT and WIN wars! Instead of focusing resources on building a more mentally resilient and efficient Soldier our government in its infinite wisdom has decided the Army would be a great proving ground for its bullshit agenda of emasculating men, creating self-loathing among men, and furthering its feminization of combat roles.

I’ve set through countless hours of SHARP briefs that consisted of little more than degrading men. Making it sound as if a staggering majority of us are Sexual Predators with an uncontrollable urge to RAPE every woman we come into contact with. YOU WISH LADIES! 

The most recent shenanigans consisted of some retired General, whose name I didn’t care to remember because he appeared to have stopped producing testosterone about 40 years ago.  Proceeded to tell us how back in the 90’s he commanded some lame ass support unit that had a string of RAPE cases across the command. Of course all these offenders had escaped charges from other units because shit had been swept under the rug. Point being all these RAPE cases could all be traced back to just a handful of guys who had a long history of doing this type of thing and getting away with it. 

 Just a handful of scum bags, not the vast majority of his unit. Just a few bad apples that should have been taken care of years before but continued to skate by because pussies didn’t want to “deal with it” or make their units “look bad”.

At this point in the brief I’m thinking NO SHIT! And then somehow the topic swings random as fuck to how Women and Blacks have it rough being minorities in a WHITE MALE dominated military. But nobody has it as bad as BLACK FEMALES because they are a double minority. ANNND I’m back to WHAT THE FUCK!? 

After quoting statistics like; most sex offenders are repeat offenders with a long history of doing this type of thing. The overwhelming percentage of sex offenders are BLACK MEN. And that the overwhelming majority of cases are BLACK MEN against BLACK WOMEN. We somehow landed on… WHITE MALE dominated military is the root cause. I SHIT YOU NOT, I sat right there in a jammed packed auditorium and heard the words spew from this man’s cock holster. 

At some point the world’s most powerful ARMY… that would be the U.S. ARMY for all you EURO bros. Became a testing ground for fem-Nazis, anti-White, and anti-Male agendas. Our government no longer cares about winning wars, has no intentions of winning any wars, and has decided instead to use our nations Army as a lab rat in their twisted social experiment to oppress REAL MEN.

The Army SHARP program is just one of many tools being used currently within the Armed Forces to promote the agenda of emasculating men, demonizing men and creating a culture of “victimization”. A politician somewhere is talking about their great efforts in “REFORMING” the military and making it “EQUAL” and “FEMALE FRIENDLY” creating new “OPPORTUNITY”.

In reality they have degraded our Army into an organization where everyone is afraid to say anything for fear of being accused of violating the SHARP policy. Cursing or joking among the “MEN” is no longer seen as camaraderie. And now a man can be held accountable for offending a third party in which he wasn’t even speaking to.

We need to throw this policy out the window and get back to building unit cohesion. Like we used to do before anything you said could be “OFFENSIVE”. Soldiers are supposed to be offensive, rough, and salty sons of bitches that wouldn’t fit in anywhere else but found a home in the Armed Forces. A place where they are surrounded by other inappropriate misfits who trust each other like brothers and would fight and die for their comrades without hesitation. The wedge that the SHARP program has driven between Soldiers within the U.S. ARMY isn’t just TRAGIC, it’s LETHAL