Regressive Customer Service

Meet Adam Farmer. He works for a social media scheduling company called Buffer. He refers to himself as a "Tech Hero" and a "Bad Wolf". He is all about superlatives. To him everything and everyone is amazing and great. In his own word, he claims: "Simply put, I enjoy people". He also writes on his Twitter profile that he is "passionate about people", and that he "love(s) customer service".

With a guy like this in charge of customer service at Buffer (they actually refer to customer "advocates", sounds more trendy), you'd expect outstanding customer service. Wrong. Adam Farmer only shows a public facade to hide the ugly truth: He is the ultimate living example of regressive customer service.

Regressive customer service was born out of feminism and regressive liberalism and its resulting culture of offense, entitlement, and victimization. It is one of western societies' greatest economic threats. This doctrine revolves around ignoring all long-established and proven business, contractual, and customer concepts, to instead apply regressive liberal doctrine to the corporate environment. The result is the systemic oppression, harassment, stigmatization, and ultimately elimination, of any customer that doesn't fit into a pre-determined regressive liberal mould, and/or conflicts with the personal views, at any level, of the employee subjected to a contractual obligation with the customer.

This is how a passenger is denied boarding, although he holds a contract with the carrier for transportation, over a stare that may have offended an employee. This is how a man is denied medical services because his insisting for the correct spelling of his name is deemed "abusive".

And this is how a paying customer sees its Buffer account terminated: Because Adam Farmer, who has completely lost touch with his contractual obligations to the very customers financing his lavish regressive lifestyle -or what customer service actually is for that matter- decided that the paying customer's request for technical support was... "Harassment".

At the end of the day, regressive customer service was meant to replace actual customer service. What else could we have expected from a generation of snowflakes who received trophies from hiding in a safe space?

Luckily, regressive customer service is not an issue in most developing countries, so western businesses and customers can still get the services they pay for by going offshore. Bad for the western economies you may say? Oh well. We had it coming.