Lucie At Your Service?

By Þórólfur Björnsson

Photo Credit: Lucie Clermont, LinkedIn Profile

Photo Credit: Lucie Clermont, LinkedIn Profile

Lucie Clermont has rarely managed to keep a job for more than a few months. As a matter of fact, her LinkedIn profile lists a staggering 18 different positions within the course of a few years. Of course, she blames it on the "patriarchy", even though the only reason she got a position with the Canadian Forces Reserve was because of her vagina privilege and the much lower standards afforded to her gender.  

In 2012, she applied for an executive assistant position with a Danish company. She entered a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and was subjected to various tests, including the MMPI-2 (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory). When she was advised that she had failed to meet the minimum standards of the position, and that her psychological profile was incompatible with the job, she tried to sleep her way to employment. Of course, the male human resources officer, who also happened to be homosexual, ignored her advances. After telling her a piece of his mind, he disengaged from the situation and ended communications. It should have been the end of it. But never underestimate the vindictive nature of a feminist. Especially in Canada, a country ran (into the ground) by, well, a feminist.

Fast track a couple of years, and Lucie watches on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) the very same company that had turned her down being slandered and defamed by the national broadcaster, over its handling (very adequate in our opinion) of yet another BC feminist (and ironically, a Christian) whose only purpose in life appears to be to harass males (and non-believers). Lucie gets very excited at a rare opportunity for self gratification: A combination of victimization, vindictive revenge, and promotion of her new business (Lucie At Your Service). She promptly contacts the CBC to slam the company further. An offer the CBC female reporter, who would sell her first newborn for a good story, however fake, could not possibly turn down.

Lucie Clermont first completely ignores the NDA she previously entered. After all, NDA are patriarchal, and do not apply to "independent" women. She then goes on a wild rant about the company, mixing facts and fiction, replacing people, locations, and countries for maximum effect. Because no self-victimization is complete without a claim of some sort of sexual harassment, Lucie Clermont goes as far as alleging that she was asked personal sexual questions (which made her feel, you guessed it, oppressed, objectified, victimized and degraded). Naturally, she carefully avoids disclosing the fact that said questions are a standard part of the MMPI-2, a test used by various government agencies for recruiting, including the RCMP, the CBSA and Parks Canada. Or that another question relates to the skin-to-skin treatment of hypothermia, standard in most Armed Forces of the world. She also fails to disclose that she is the one who actually sexually harassed a male recruiter. Proud of herself, she also makes sure that her new business, which she was forced to set up because no employer would keep her for more than a few months, is duly advertised on TV. For free. At the cost of the reputation of men she has knowingly and maliciously slandered. But they are only males. As far as Lucie Clermont is concerned, the world would be better off if all males were exterminated. 

Naturally, none of Lucie Clermont's ludicrous allegations were taken seriously by the courts. Bethany Paquette tried indeed to use Lucie Clermont's allegation to get a court order against the company for disclosures, but was unsuccessful. In the court's opinion, her allegations, and those of Lucie Clermont, had no factual basis. 

Unfortunately for Lucie Clermont, some men still follow the old ways. Namely, Stanza 127 of the Hávamál, which reads "hvars þú böl kannt kveðu þat bölvi at ok gefat þínum fjándum frið" in Old Norse, and roughly translates to "when you come upon misdeeds, speak out about those misdeeds, and give your enemies no peace."  

Speaking about those misdeeds, the Norsemen certainly will, and peace, Lucie Clermont certainly will not get in the foreseeable future. Besides being officially listed on the Official Níðingar Registry (ONR) in Iceland and other Nordic countries, quite rare for a female, criminal charges against Lucie Clermont are pending in the EEA for hate speech (against males), and she is also facing civil litigation in Canada for defamatory libel.

To use a term that a BC feminist can relate to, karma is a bitch.

Update (21 April 2017)

Following the publication of this article, Lucie Clermont went at it again. She tried to meet with one of the men she previously falsely accused of sexual harassment. She even offered a discount on her "services". The bro simply answered " See you in court", and disengaged (See exchange below). Lucie Clermont however continued her solicitations via messenger. He didn't respond and blocked her. 

Her next step? Calling the Vancouver Police Department, and accusing the guy of... harassment. Yes, you read that right! A female constable too eager to oppress yet another male, didn't question or investigate the claims, and happily sent two police officers from a different police force to the guy's residence to threaten him with arrest.


Update (1 September 2017)

Following the publication of this article, several parties have come forward to report issues they experienced with Lucie Clermont, referring to Lucie as being "seriously troubled", referring to her communications as "insane gibberish (that) made me question her mental health", or Lucie Clermont just being "an awful human being".

Below is an email we received from a previous (female) employer. Note that we redacted the email to maintain the privacy of the employer.