The Offensive Blanket

The Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket: Proudly used to this day by NORSKK in Canada and worldwide!

The Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket: Proudly used to this day by NORSKK in Canada and worldwide!

The Hudson’s Bay point blanket has been an iconic symbol of Canada for many centuries. It was the primary trading currency in the new world among pioneers and first nations alike. The wool blanket, made in England, was warm, and didn’t shrink after getting wet. It was the best thing any man could wish for to keep warm in the Canadian wilderness. To make trading easy, each blanket also had embroidered bars equivalent to the number of beaver skins the blanket was worth.

To this day, the wool blanket is still sold by Hudson’s Bay company (known today as “The Bay”), the oldest corporation in Canada (incorporated 1670). To this day, we still use Hudson’s Bay blankets in cabins and base camps, because the blankets still don’t shrink when wet, they still are very durable and warm, and they are that very type of symbol we love about Canadian heritage and history.

Now, we have all heard about First Nations in Canada being supposedly decimated by a small pox epidemic, allegedly brought to them on blankets. Yes, Hudson’s Bay point blankets. There is no historical evidence whatsoever that this happened purposefully. Common sense indeed strongly suggests that people just happened to have caught small pox, because, well, diseases get easily spread among humans, especially considering hygiene and many other factors at the time. But the concept that British and French pioneers willfully provided contaminated blankets to First Nations to wipe them out is still holding strong in the mind of many Canadians, particularly (regressive) liberal Canadians.

You probably know by now where this is going… Sure enough, several people in Canada, including First Nations, with the full support of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) of course, have now claimed that the blankets are offensive, a symbol of oppression and colonialism, and, surprise, should be banned.

Yes. Regressive liberals in Canada now see the iconic Hudson’s Bay point blanket as offensive and they want them gone.

Where will this end?