The End of Norse Culture in Iceland

Gunnar here recently said, upon us withdrawing from Iceland a couple years ago, that he and his ancestors had managed to protect Norse culture in Iceland for over 1,200 years, but that vaginas would destroy their efforts within a decade.

He said Iceland was lost. With a gender neutral education system producing retards not even capable of understand the difference between genders, let alone old Norse and modern Icelandic.

He was right.

On 18 June 2019, the Icelandic Parliament voted UNANIMOUSLY in favor of a law (3 abstentions, no vote against) for Iceland to be gender-neutral in order to accommodate transgenders. With this, the ancestral tradition, in effect for over a millennium, to use the Old Norse naming system (ending with "son" for son of, and "dóttir" for daughter of, as part of the last name) ends, being replaced instead by a gender neutral "bur", for "child of"... The end of Norse culture in Iceland.

At this point, we are the only group left in the world, and the only Norse, still using the Old Norse naming system.

The annihilation of Norse culture in Iceland should be a warning to all other western countries in the world of the danger of liberalism, and that vaginas will just destroy everything they touch.

Today, I am ashamed of being born in Iceland.

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