Attacks on the precursor beliefs of cultures

As we look at progressive culture we can see clear parallels in history. It is said by ancient men that history repeats itself but those who read history are doomed to watch others repeat it. 

Judaism, Jews, of the Kingdom of Judah founded circa c. 1800 BCE (Abraham); 6th cent. BCE (Pentateuch); or 70 CE (destruction of Second Temple) Location: Southern Levant (modern-day Israel, Palestine, and Jordan).

Christianity followers of Christ (Greek christos, Messiah) circa 30 CE Location: Southern Levant (modern-day Israel, Palestine, and Jordan).

Islam, Arabic, “submission" 622 CE, Arabian Peninsula east of Southern Levant (modern-day Israel, Palestine, and Jordan).

Notice anything yet? All three of these beliefs are from the same region, within a week travel of each other from edge of border to edge of border. All three have the same basic principles. All three state Biblical prophets were true prophets. All three have changed over time to fit the current desires of its people given the demands of habitat and trade or survival requirements of its believers. Each religion having two schisms, sects of believers, often called observants and dissidents by those in each schism. History calls them by the more accurate Orthodox and Reform. 

Judaism: Reform, Orthodox
Christianity: Orthodox, Protestant
Islam: Shia, Sunni 

These parallels continue and do nothing but become more strongly related to each other over time. Islam shares slightly less with the other Abrahamic beliefs as the founder was a war lord that liked little girls and letting little boys suck on his tongue(literal word of God, according to their book by the way). They hate it when you point to the Qur'an (sacred text); Hadith (tradition) for their justified abuse of very young children and slavery which continues to this day, ignored by the media and politics. However, we are not here to discuss this, just wanted to make sure it was not forgotten.

The point is that each of these beliefs systems is about six to eight hundred years older than the predecessor and each attacks the beliefs system of the former, earlier religion. First with rhetoric, then with social and political pressure and finally violence. Yet each always fail to completely overthrow the preceding belief system. Is there a purpose in these attacks? They happen on roughly the same timeline in relation to the religion founded before it. There will always be spikes on a timeline format that are out of place to either side of zero day but ultimately does not change that at a certain point in time, the latter religion begins an assault on the former that continues all the way to the present day. The severity of the attack is always either allowed or suppressed through the political domain, where bribery and threat of violence are the weapons of choice. Rather, the only weapons available against those who hold power. The purpose is to remove the belief system that proves the current religion is nothing more than an abstract representation of the former religion, thereby proving the newer belief system to completely false. Allowing proof that you are brainwashed and ignorant is a truly poisonous reality to live in. 

This is still true and clear to those who read even a small amount of history and understand the charade that is state media and educational institutions. Joseph Stalin famously said, “Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” We are not ignorant of what education is now doing to young minds. Let us look at progressive culture in the format of religion, as it most certainly is. The religion has simply replaced God with the power of the State, and for the culture on the fringe of state beliefs are those that appropriate old world religions into twisted versions of themselves to fit their current desire, regardless of evidence contrary to their dogma. There is a subsequent and inevitable attack on the original version they are stealing from the same as the Abrahamic religions. The timeline even fits the model I mentioned with a slight variation in acceleration once began. Clearly due to the lack of individual eternal belief and made much easier with instant and global communication that was not available during other predecessor genocide attempts. 

If we take a quick look at what Arnold J. Toynbee had to say about The Breakdown of Civilizations in his abridged A Study of History, volume 1, chapter IV, para. 2, “…when a disintegrating civilization purchases a reprieve by submitting to forcible political unification in a universal state.” We can agree that the Norse Religion of Forn Siðr, is a disintegrating civilization under Arnold Toynbee’s definition from a historically contextual descriptive, not to be confused with a literal definition as the timeline is incomplete, that has had some reprieve among two groups of modern followers. The Orthodox and the Reform. Much akin to the parallel in the opening lines above.

The Orthodox being the traditional and accurate belief in the modern era, an example being NORSKK, and the obverse, a nearly satirical parody of Norse beliefs such as Forn Sidr of America.

This is where the timeline shows acceleration. The current progressive agenda is to replace all belief systems with their political narrative. Fitting Arnold’s contextual reference, political unification in a universal state. Which belief is under attack changes, to what degree and who is funding it with the goal being the same, an all out appropriation of every culture simultaneously to achieve one goal: Global dominance over people with no comparative period of time in all of history to the scale of the current attempt.There are a few cultures left out, all extremely totalitarian and easily provoked to violence, demonstrating the internal cowardice of those sheep who participate in progressive agendas, and all responsible for very large amounts of funding for the progressive agenda. Mostly because progressives are a destabilizing force in the Western world. Islam, Communist Regimes such as China, North Korea and the Globalist Cabal known as The Company as told by insiders. All are funding this mass appropriation of cultures and all are exempt from inspection from the current political unification. This is not very different from Abrahamic attempts to eliminate a precursor belief, such as the Judaic attempt to kill all the Canaanites.  

Shifting to the appropriation of Forn Siðr, there is a movement growing called Asatru. Sponsored in part by partisan media and individual users, it has the same political protection as any other progressive appropriation currently happening in mainstream media and politics. There are examples of modern social media companies ignoring sovereign and international laws of trademark infringement to support this appropriation and further assert political unification. All unknown to the individual participating in these jumped up fallacies is a larger picture to replace individual authority with one of state only.

What most of the followers of Asatru fail to realize is that the archeological findings in the last fifteen years were paid for, with many of the PhDs involved admitting they were paid to falsify the results and in several cases completely fabricate evidence. Ask an Úlfhéðnar from a war band society, for exact details of the false findings and liberal lies in entertainment, publishing and archaeology, you may get a complete list, so be sure to have some time to read. Television shows have become the modern way to rewrite history and it is very effective in the youngest and most indoctrinated youth and young adults in Western cultures. It is a political weapon employed to undermine the true history of many cultures and current religions to demean, steal or appropriate with modern progressive goals for the purposes of replacement with their version of the future. An unsustainable future to be sure. Once power is shifted to any progressive movement, it is the progressive intellectuals that are first removed from society after all positions of authority have been filled, followed by the progressive mass of followers that are too radicalized to ever become productive to society. 

Each attack of any culture or subculture has the same components of the progressive agenda. Much the same of the religious attacks on other Abrahamic beliefs, we do not agree, therefore we deny and condemn your way of worship and/or tradition. Progressive appropriation contains much or all of the following: homosexuality, feminism, transgenderism, non-binary gender, social constructs overriding biology, multiculturalism, open borders and political unification under those that share these beliefs. A translucent agenda supported by ignorant and indoctrinated westerners and immigrants too weak to stand for their rights in their home countries. 

Here is a fraud and perfect example of appropriation the progressive movement is making of Old Norse history and biology that can best be described by those taking it to the progressives legally. Trademark theft of Norse culture by progressive liars, cowards and thieves are abound if you dive into Norse culture as described by fat or LGTQ Americans, Canadians and Europeans.

This is a direct attack that is seen in the Abrahamic religions that may continue as long as there are those that are easy to influence and fail to research their chosen beliefs. The counter response, or in their case, the original presented evidence is that the emasculation of any society is the beginning of the downfall of a civilization is in fact supported by some of the best historians the western world has ever known. We go yet again to A Study of History to quote Arnold J. Toynbee for what is the most important statement in this article. Abridged version, volume 2, chapter VIII, pg. 143, para. 1:

 “In this ephemeral situation a social vacuum is filled by and individualism so absolute that it overrides the intrinsic differences between the sexes.” 

This is the precursor to a collapse of civilizations. Sound familiar when you turn on the TV or read the news? Every new book, novel, magazine, news site, movie, religion and politician is saying these same and incredibly stupid things. Arnold wrote this book many years ago and the first abridged version was published in 1947, many years after the complete series was written. His insights, confirmed by two generations of his colleagues and scholars, are based on thousands of documents and historical, internal records commit that seven of eight of the studied and extinct civilizations in this nine thousand page volume of history in its unabridged version, were victim to this exact phenomenon. When individualism rises to a level in which it overrides the basic biological differences of the sexes, the civilization is not far from its completion. This history has told us, warned us of and none of the progressives are listening. Complete selfishness and a desire to have authority out of jealousy have replaced the survival instincts of an entire half of the current world population. The other half is eyeing the West and wondering which of the remaining societies and cultures they will have to fight for land and resources after the global destabilization occurs. 

The beginning of the modern progressive culture can be traced back to the Kalergi plan for your current or modern version of progressive white hate and eventual genocide, which will never actually happen, but does date back to a commensurate time in the decline of each civilization that is extinct. A number near two to three centuries before the breakdown of a civilization reaches the downfall of one. No genocide has ever been entirely successful however; Society first breaks down into civil war. Then commerce, trade and travel become so limited that you can never fully eradicate a populace that has access to tough terrain. Reference Afghanistan, many nations have tried and failed to eliminate that population but terrain makes it impossible even with modern technology. 

Norse culture is under attack, as many other cultures, Christianity, Jews and any subgroup of them are under politically paid for siege for universal control of all thought, all belief. Progressives are in a unique position this age, called the glass age by historians, because they need to remove all history, totally and completely to prove that their way is the true way. The Abrahamic religions have failed to remove a singular people each, yet progressives think that their transgender warriors of social media and easily riled antifa rejects will succeed in getting rid of Norse Culture? Christianity? Islam? Yeah, we who study these things are laughing all the way to the wildernesses and high threat environments we frequent to keep our skills and survival instincts sharp and in immediate focus. Get ready western white men, you are in the crosshairs of very wealthy men that do not want you to be self sustaining. Be cautious of the modern woman, she is indoctrinated beyond recognition of what a woman is and should be valued for. Be aware that your children are being stolen by educational institutions and pointed right back at you as weapons of a political movement that has decided that it just wants to watch the world destroy itself for fun because the people behind the movements are isolated from the consequences. 

Norse men, men in general are being targeted for being men and no other reason. This is an attack easily comparable to Abrahamic attacks on preceding beliefs systems that disprove all they stand for. By being a man, you threaten their goals, their beliefs and their existence. Be masculine, be dangerous and be in control of yourself. It is what makes you valuable and worth being called a threat to a new belief system that stole the best parts of what made you and turned them into talking points for the anti-white hate you are seeing every day.