Wait to receive your welcome email from Haiku/PowerSchool Learning: "[Haiku/PowerSchool] You are invited to join the Haiku/PowerSchool Learning class NØRSKK". Make sure you have authorized "" so the message doesn't end up in your spam folder.

Now, you will not get that email by an act of god (Þórr usually has better things to do). You need to sign up for a course first!


Click on the link in that email. You will get to a screen that look like this:

Enter the invitation code listed in your email, and click "Next". Or click "Next" directly if your invitation code is already listed.

Didn't get an email with an invitation code? You need to cough up some silver first and register for a course first!


After you click "Next", you will get a screen that looks like this:

If this is your first time accessing your NORSKK course with Haiku Learning, your next step is to create an account. Look at the bottom of the screen and click on "Register".

Of course, if you already have set up a username and password, you can log in on that screen. If you have already set up a username and password but forgot the details, you can also click on "Forgot your password?"


After you clicked on "Register", you will get a screen that looks like this:

Your first and last names, as well as your email address, should be filled out already. If not, just re-enter the information you used when you signed up. You can also change the time zone here.

Now, select a Username and a Password (minimum 6 characters), check "I agree to the terms of service", and click on "Create Account".


Voila! You're logged in into the NORSKK Online Classroom (powered by Haiku Learning). Yeah... Probably doesn't make it a step. But you're in, aren't you?


Still doesn't work? You're probably retarded. But we can help.