Note: Operators from specific countries may qualify for a different, fast track process.

you BERSERKR material?

Training guys for hardcore survival, or to ensure the survival (and thus safety and security) of clients, requires a very specific profile, and well, hardcore men. We extend an invitation to those guys who think they've got what it takes to join our horde. Not a Víkingr? Worry not, we'll turn you into one! Well, actually, we'll turn you into a Berserkr...

Here's a brief summary of the profiles we're after. 



You need to be exceptionally fit. Naturally. Our philosophy does not allow for artificial and impractical fitness achieved through the use of steroids or supplements. Additionally, we believe that physical fitness is a fundamental aspect of a man's identity, and a necessity in our line of business.



You need to have exceptional mental strength and be able to face any possible situation with absolute serenity. In other words, you need to be able to take serious shit. We'll put you to the test.



You need to be willing to undergo pretty serious training similar to that of special forces. Yes, this does include a lot of hólmgöngur, as well as a fair deal of pain and suffering. 



Some skills, such as those acquired during military service, are highly desirable. So is an extensive survival and outdoor background.



You need an open mind and to be free of prejudice. You will be pushed outside of your comfort zone.



You need to have a high standard of personal ethics. Essentially, you need to naturally know what's right from what's wrong, and be the master of your own actions. You also need to have it in you to naturally risk life and limb to help others. 


If you think you've got what it takes, you are free to contact us to see if we're a mutual match. Be descriptive and specific enough though, as we will only consider guys we believe are a potential match.

Note that in the United States, we only recognize degrees issued by universities that committed to the "Chicago Principles". In Canada, we only recognize the following universities: Bishop's University, Laurentian University, Simon Fraser University, University of Alberta, and University of Lethbridge.

Due to the volume of queries, we will only contact you if we think you can be a good addition to the horde.

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