Becoming a Víkingr

By Þór Þórðarson


You want to become a Víkingr but don't know where to start? Well, your first step is to know the basics about Norse stuff. 

For self-directed learning, you can start by reviewing the following materials:

Íslendingasögur (Sagas of Icelanders)
Eddur (Eddas)
Fræði (Norse History)
Norrœnt mál (Old Norse language)
Regin (Norse gods)

If you prefer the structure of a course, and you are only interested in learning the fundamentals of Norse culture, we offer a Forn Siðr online course (Old Customs). If you want to truly become a Víkingr and are planning on attending our field camps, you must start with our Hirðmaðr course (Víkingr Trainee - Level 1).