Viking Gear

By Christopher Bjørnsen


What gear should a modern Víkingr have for every day use in the bush, and for hunting? Here's what we recommend:

The Norrøna Finnskogen integral pack is the way to go as far as we’re concerned. It is made of loden wool, meaning it is rather traditional, not to mention silent. It got a large 10L removable game bird net (which can be used for other stuff if you aren’t that good with a bow yet), a hip belt, side pockets, and is hydration system compatible. Last but not least, it has a compartment that can be used to as a quiver, or to carry a shotgun or rifle.

For knives, we recommend the Helle Lappland Same Knife, useful for bushwhacking, and the Helle Sigmund or the Helle Viking knife for general every day use. We also like to have an axe, and the Gränsfors Bruk Hunter's axe is as good to cut wood as it is to skin game. For hunting, we prefer a traditional yew longbow, handmade from Pacific Yew (best yew in the world). 

And rather than using some cheap synthetic sleeping bag, we favor a 100% pure wool Pendleton blanket

For our Americans bros who are not necessarily into archery, a version of the pack includes a Mossberg 590 Tactical shotgun instead.


Happy Hunting!