Centraal Train Station Attack

By Wes Brunsson


So, what actually happened at Brussel Centraal trainstation?

We all know regular news agencies often don't get their facts straight. Let's clear that up. The following is written by a bro of the Belgian soldier who shot and killed the Muslim would-be terrorist.

On Tuesday, the 20th of June, at 2120h, patrolling units of the "Chasseurs Ardennais" are hearing a small blast inside the station halls. They rush towards the fleeing travelers to find an abandoned trolley. Turns out the nail bomb inside of it did not explode, only the ignition did. The owner of said trolley, Oussama Zariouh (36), went down to a lower level to try and detonate a second bomb, hidden inside a black plastic trash bag. This one did not go off at all.

When the failed terrorist went back up to a higher floor, he encountered the soldiers looking for him. Probably realizing he fucked up, he started to run towards them, screaming "Allahu Akhbar".

One of the soldiers did not hesitate and fired 2 rounds to the chest, which killed him on the spot. They quickly secured a perimeter around the body for they thought they had seen a suicide vest on the man. Then, Police arrived and took charge of the situation.

Facts: Media VS Reality

Media stated the terrorist was badly injured and died during treatment at the hospital. He didn't. He was shot and killed on the spot.

They also reported that he was wearing a suicide vest, which in fact, he did not. Considering the foregoing small explosion, military personnel didn't take chances and considered every act as hostile, hence why they shot him instantly when he ran towards them screaming.

Several news agencies all over the world immediately reported that the terrorist acted on behalf of Daesh. He did not. This was a lone wolf action inspired by extremist propaganda (that's probably why he failed at it).

Media also stated that the soldiers "prevented" the attack. They did not. The terrorists' own stupidity and lack of bomb-making skills prevented the bombs from going off. The soldiers neutralized the threat and by doing so, they kept the situation from escalating.

At least now, we have sent our enemy a clear message. You try something, you better succeed. Or we will send your ass home in a box.