Sweden to Ban Runes

Morgan Johansson, of Socialdemokraterna, has introduced legislation that seeks to ban the traditional, historic, and native runes of Sweden (and the rest of Scandinavia) as symbols of hatred.

Socialdemokraterna (Social Democrats) is the feminist and leftist party in Sweden behind the opening of borders, the black female porn star as culture minister, a Muslim from Pakistan as the head of the Swedish Cultural Agency, or the overall quest to annihilate Swedish and Norse culture in the name of multiculturalism and diversity.

The news in Sweden has been met with outrage and various protests, but complete denial among Asatruars in the rest of the world, claiming it to be “fake news” spread by “White Supremacists”.

Unfortunately, the proposed law is all too real, and can be found on the official web site of Sveriges Riksdag (Kommittédirektiv 2018:61), aka the national legislature and the supreme decision-making body of Sweden.

The motivation of the Asatru community in the English-speaking world denying clear facts easily verifiable through public records in unclear. We however suspect it is merely based on systemic cognitive impairment associated with Marxist ideology. We therefore should just direct readers to the actual legislation rather than try to explain liberalism.