Stop Buying MEC!!

Those of us with a membership at MEC have cancelled it. As far as we are concerned, we will not buy anything at MEC again. We, (primarily) white males cannot finance our own cultural annihilation.

Canada was built by white pioneers whose identity has always been interwhined with the great outdoors, the very foundation of Canadian identity.

Well, no more. The liberal cancer, best spread by MEC (formerly Mountain Equipment Co-op) has decided that the great Canadian outdoors are primarily embraced by… People of color. Not whites. In clearly a flawed and fake “study”, as actual research all over North America over many decades, including by the National Park Service in the U.S., has long established that only a minority of people taking part in outdoor activities are non-white.

Judith Kasiama is the professional victim who claims that all research and studies are wrong and the outdoors are a colored-people thing…

Judith Kasiama is the professional victim who claims that all research and studies are wrong and the outdoors are a colored-people thing…

As a matter of fact, with our own guiding divisions in several countries over the last 25+ years, we can also confirm that non-white people were an absolute minority. In number, that’s 98.8% of all guiding clients being white, and 99.1% of all education clients being white.

But MEC came up with this new insanity for two reasons: First to justify eliminating whites from advertising. Something they have done long ago as we reported in previous posts: Stop Buying MEC and MEC Eliminates Men. Second, and this is far more concerning, to go right after the core of Canadian identity, so MEC can eliminate the white man, who built the country by embracing the outdoors, to claim instead the wilderness is a people of color thing. And in doing so, MEC is annihilating Canadian identity to follow into Sweden’s steps of an utopian multicultural dysfunctional and broken country, with no societal cohesion, identity, culture, or history, quickly turning into a failed state.

All this was prompted by Judith Kasiama, a professional victim, black and female (the ultimate victim status), who claims, with no factual or scientific basis, that the outdoors is a thing for colored people. Not whites. She says that the scientific figure of only 7% of colored people participating in wilderness activities is incorrect. Just because she feels it is. So, again, she has decided, with no factual basis, just emotions, that all existing research about the demographics interested in outdoor activities, is incorrect. In typical liberal fashion.

And of course, in pure liberal tradition, the useless cuck at the head of MEC, David Labistour, responded by apologizing for their “lack of diversity”, and by claiming that her fantasy that the outdoors is a black people thing is factual. Who needs facts in the liberal world?

This just is sick and yet more evidence that liberalism truly is a mental disease that only affects females and feminized males, who only express the main feature of a female brain, empathic, with no connection to the analytic characteristic of the male brain.

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