Swedish Mad Cow Disease

It is confirmed. Sverikistan (formerly known as Sweden) will sign the UN Migration Framework, and open the borders.

In addition, the female and feminized government will comply with all the rules of the UN “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration”.

This includes:

  • Opening Borders

  • Treating migrants in a positive way

  • Providing migrants with full social assistance from the state at all possible levels

  • Providing migrants with specific healthcare that better address their individual needs

  • Free transfer of money to their family in their country of origin

  • Ban on any negative reporting in media about migrants

  • Criminal penalties for anyone who criticizes migrants or immigration policies.

It is clear at this point that giving women the right to vote was a catastrophic mistake and will be the demise of our western civilization if we, actual men, don’t regain control.