The Mass Hysteria of the Scientific Community

Every new day, Canadians bring more international embarrassment onto themselves, this time with “scientists” teaming up against one of their own, Alessandro Strumia, who dared tell a truth, namely that Physics were built by men, and talented men were facing increasing discrimination in the field in the name of diversity (Original article on CBC).

In a demonstration of cognitive dissonance that would not be expected of any average man, let alone supposedly scientists, the group of Canadian elites issued a statement stating that “attacks on individuals, was unacceptable in any professional context”… While attacking, and defaming, one of their own, and essentially ending his career. Just because he told the truth.

Many female “scientists” then kept going after that fellow, going as far as calling what he said “horrifying”… Demonstrating an over-sensitivity that has come to be unbearable even in the context of their pathetic sheltered life and safe-space education.

The sickest part of this whole situation is that the guy was right. Physics are a male field. Overwhelming majority of actual research and break throughs were, and still are, the work of men, despite the liberal push for “diversity” (as in getting jobs based on vagina rather than merit). It is biology. A male brain is analytic, a female brain is empathic.

As a matter of fact, with this latest mass hysteria, women and their empathic brain have demonstrated they are incapable of analytic skills when emotions are involved. Yet another slide into scientific degeneration, or the replacement of science and facts with arbitrary emotion-based concepts, as we recently demonstrated in our latest article on the matter: Peer-Reviewed Insanity.