Feminist Brainwashing


This is a typical ad.

Looks harmless enough. It could have had just two individuals. But instead, it got 3. This is not a coincidence. We’ve got two women and only one guy. None of the women are white, and the guy certainly doesn't look Nordic. He could be Hispanic or Arabic.

The foreground is also occupied by one of the women, in an aggressive stance, whereas the guy is in the background, with a more passive stance...

This is not a coincidence or mere artistic flexibility. It is part of the constant brainwashing we are all exposed to. It conditions us to see women of color as being “leaders” and in charge in our western (and otherwise white) societies. It conditions us to think we, white people, are no longer at home in our own countries. It conditions us to think that, as males, we are to be in the background… And as white males we no longer exist.

It is an insidious way to cultural genocide.