Vancouver: The City Without a Soul

Photo Credit: CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

Photo Credit: CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

Despite what Liberals (and feminists) keep saying over and over again, diversity is not a strength. As research has shown time and time again (See our article “Is Diversity a Strength?”), diversity is not a strength. As a matter of fact, diversity and multi-culturalism destroy societal cohesion, and destroy our western societies.

A good example of the devastating effects of diversity is the city of Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada. The city is so “diverse” that white Canadians are now a minority. Even English language (or the second Canadian official language for that matter, French) is now a minority language. All thanks to “diversity” and “multi-culturalism”.

The result is that people have no connection with each other. Because there is no cultural affinities and, as a result, no societal cohesion. As a matter of fact, more than half of those living in Vancouver report feeling to connection to the community.

An ever increasing number of people living in Vancouver are also desperately lonely. No matter what they do, they can’t connect with people. Because there is no homogeneity. No cultural connections.

Many are even going as far as saying Vancouver is a city without a soul. And it is… Sure, people are all smiley and so fixated on “friendly” small talk that they may get you arrested for being abusive and rude if you don’t discuss the weather with strangers. But underneath the smiles and politeness, it is only shallow people, who live like zombies, with no connection to their community and the world, no connection with each other. No depth.

Yet another consequence of out of control immigration and the resulting multi-culturalism.

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