Women Ruining it for Everyone


As you know, Canada Post has now been on strike for 5 weeks, pretty much halting the delivery of packages nationwide and internationally, and causing chaos in the Canadian economy, hitting small businesses the hardest.

What you may not know, is that the strike is over the unions demanding “gender equality”… In other words, women whining that they are not getting the same pay as men. Is it a legitimate claim? Of course it is not.

Essentially, urban mail carriers get a different pay than rural mail carriers. Makes sense. Different work conditions. The one group that makes less has a higher percentage of female staff… So, the union has jumped on the false, biased, and ridiculous conclusion that females at Canada post are paid less…

They are turning a connection into correlation, demonstrating essentially at best severe cognitive dissonance, at worst, clinical retardation. Because pay is based on work conditions, and more women gravitating towards easier job conditions does not mean that women are paid less. It means that people who work less, in easier tasks, are paid less. Naturally. Big difference.

And yet, here we are. Women whining, once again, about a non-existing issue. Fucking up the entire Canadian economy in the process, and increasing the gender pay gap… Making men who work harder get paid even less… Because at the end of the day, the strike is affecting small businesses more than anyone else… Small businesses primarily operated by men…

Feminism and liberalism are a cancer.