Bill C-309


In a demonstration of cognitive dissonance that would make any retard blush, the Liberals have decided there is a gender pay gap and are passing legislation to “fix” it.

How they reached that retarded conclusion?

They looked at pay of all men in Canada, and all women in Canada (at least they claim they did). Then, they decided a woman made 87 cents on a dollar compared to a man…


First, they mixed together all jobs, with no distinction. For example, they didn’t see a different between a CSOR operator getting shot at in Afghanistan so Canadian pussies can have the freedom to ruin his country at home, and a hooker of a fluid gender sucking cock for a living.

Then, they realized that more women than men were sucking cock for a living. They also found out that sucking cock for a living in East Vancouver paid less than raiding in Afghanistan. But because more women than men were sucking cock for a living, they concluded a higher number of women were getting a lower pay that men… And that women were paid less, and there was therefore a gender pay gap.

So, I know, the brain gymnastics are insane. So, long story short, Liberals decided there was a gender pay gap, because they do not see a difference between a female drug-addicted hooker in East Vancouver sucking cock for $5 to get her next fix, and a CSOR male operator fighting for his country in Afghanistan)..

Better yet. They didn’t even take into consideration that the female hooker overall works less than the operator for her pay, because she needs more time off for kids, attendance to victimization olympics, etc…

The Liberals just created a gender pay gap that doesn’t exist in reality and passed a law to fix it…

It doesn’t get more retarded than that.