Sharia Law Upheld


We knew it was coming. But for merely mentioning the prospect, we were called crazy, fear-mongers, haters, white supremacists.

Well, it has come. The European Human Rights Court has upheld Sharia Law by convicting an Austrian woman of blasphemy against Islam.

If you think it cannot get any worse, brace yourself. She was convicted of blasphemy not even for made up criticism, but for pointing out a fact about Islam: Namely that the “prophet” was a pedophile. Again, a fact. Aisha was married to Muhammad at the age of 6. And a (much older) dude married a 6-year-old girl, is, in fact, pedophilia.

The only question that remains is probably why, as a western civilization, and species at this point, are we promoting our own invasion by an enemy that has been shown to destroy every culture it touches throughout history, and why are we seeking our own destruction? In a nutshell, feminization (See: Tend and Befriend - The female and feminized brain response undermining the very survival of our species).