Renu Mandhane's Bullshit

Photo Credit: CBC

Photo Credit: CBC

Renu Mandhane, from the Ontario Human’s Rights Commission (aka inquisition that cracks down on being male and white), claims that although black people in Toronto represent only 8.8% of the population, they account for over 30% of the violent interactions with Toronto Police.

She therefore concludes it is racial profiling.

Well, no, the numbers do not point to racial profiling. They point to a CORRELATION between race and violent interactions. Not a causation. In other words, other factors could explain these figures, such as black people being more likely to commit crimes, more likely to engage in drug activities, more likely to carry illegal weapons… Or even more likely to wear purple underwear which could subconsciously trigger cops, irrelevant of their race. Well, you get our drift. It could be any reason, and the number do not even suggest a causation between being black and violent interactions with police.

So, the real question is: Is Renu Mandhane that stupid that she cannot understand the difference between correlation and causation? It is possible that she is, and only got her job based on skin color rather than merit. A pattern in Canada. Or is she simply rotten to the bone, knowing exactly what she is saying is BS, but trying to compete in the Oppression Olympics (and doping herself with lies in the process)!?

And of course, more men with no nut sack, namely police officials, apologizing when they know, or ought to know, this is utter BS.