First Aid as Sexual Assault


Providing First Aid to a female may land you in jail as a sex offender. Yes, this sounds crazy, but it is the new reality in an increasing number of jurisdictions where a mere physical contact deemed unwanted by any female now constitutes sexual assault.

The following articles explains that the perils of providing first aid to females in Germany: If she dies because you didn't provide assistance, that's 1 year in jail. If she claims you touched her when you provided assistance, it's 2 years in jail:

This other article explains why females are less likely to receive CPR, with one reason being, you guessed it, males being afraid of sexual assaults claims:

As a matter of fact, we were previously accused for sexual assault and harassment by a female, for merely explaining the treatment of hypothermia in a wilderness environment involved skin-to-skin contact, even between different genders. This prompted the issuance of a memo in 2015 prohibiting first aid on females in California and Oregon in the U.S., and BC and Ontario in Canada. This incident was also a contributing factor is moving as of November 1, 2018 to offering courses to males only.

Original memo: