History is Hatred


There was no term or word for “rape” in norrœnt mál (Old Norse). This is a fact. A linguistic fact. A historical fact. A scientific fact. Well, a fact.

However, when we posted this fact on Instagram, a few people, primarily women of course (together with the cucks who gravitate around the useless undickable cunts) reported the post as “hatred against women”, and “promoting violence against women”.

Yes. You read that right. Pointing out a historical fact is hatred and should be censored.

Now, what is even more interesting, or utterly sickening I should say, is that the very women who reported the post, are women who pretend to be warriors equal to men, and who claim they are Valhalla-bound… Yes. The dumb cunts, who can’t handle a linguistic fact, are actually pretending to be equal to men and to join them in Valhöll… The most ruthless environment possible in Norse culture, and an actual Hel for your average mortal (see previous article on the subject: The Other Side of “Valhalla”).

Pretty difficult to beat that level of cognitive dissonance in the dumb cunts, right? Well, actually no… These useless pussies, whose survival length in Valhöll, or a world with men for that matter, would not exceed 3 minutes, actually think they are furthering women rights with this type of clinically retarded, fascist, and delusional actions. What they don’t understand is that every post they report, every complaint they make, only serves to demonstrate to the world they are not equal to men and never will be. It also ensure that it brings back women into the dark ages a bit more every day. After all, companies like use have gotten to a point where we no longer offer courses to women, we dropped our women cosmetic line, and we don’t even hire women… A pattern now seen in all level of societies, from medical to financial fields, where men have realized women are not equal and are just incoherent risk.