Fake "Real" News

The leader of Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, Patrick Brown, was forced to resign following what we now come to expect every day: sexual harassment accusations.

As it has turned out to be the case in many instances, these sexual harassment accusations were false, and essentially made up by CTV News, a division of Bell Media, a (highly regressive) liberal media outlet.

We have independently verified that the CTV journalist behind the fake story happens to be a close friend of the first female accusers. The conflict of interest here is so obvious that CTV should have never run the story in the first place.

Especially considering that the claim from the first (female) accuser includes a major inconsistency which is quite easy to verify. She claims that the incident occurred in a second-floor apartment bedroom, with the door closed. At the time of the alleged occurrence, however, Patrick Brown lived in an open concept, ground-floor apartment that did not have an upstairs bedroom nor a door to any bedroom in the residence. This is public records easy to access online, and we have verified that information as well.

As for the second (female) accuser, three independent witnesses confirmed that her story was false. Again, something we have independently verified. One of the witnesses even talked with CTV news about it. CTV, however, left that testimonial out of the story. 

Feminists and regressive liberal argir are probably rejoicing about more men in positions of power getting their life ruined over yet more false allegations. However, this witch hunt will inherently backfire and it won't be pretty.

Such level of moral rot is unlikely to remain contained and to only target (usually white) males. It is therefore only a matter of time before both feminists and regressive liberal argir become victim of their own fascist agenda. In addition, with every story of yet another woman claiming some sort of victimization or harassment, women confirm to the world they are not equal to men, and this will not be conducive to gender equality. Furthermore, an increasing number of men and companies are coming to realize that hiring women is a massive liability very few are probably able to afford. 

Feminist can rejoice. For now. It is going to be short lived though, and women will be back in the kitchen in short order. Ironically, it will be their own doing.