Orwellian Unilever


Unilever was lost the minute it became British. The company sets the tone when it comes to its world views with their web page, showing a Muslim woman, and an Asian individual of undetermined gender.

Now, Unilever wants to make sure that the world gets along with their views and embrace Islam and Feminism. The company has announced that they will withdraw the $9 billion it spends on social media advertising, if social media do not put an end to online toxicity, which Unilever defines, you guessed it, as "racism" and "sexism". 

The latest in online censorship should be of great concerns to all intact males. It follows historical patterns that invariably led to oppression and even genocide. Under Staline's Communist regime, any individual who dared question communism was first censored, then repressed, and eventually eliminated, resulting in between 2 and 60 millions (depending on sources) of people killed... Primarily over an mere opinion. 

Censorship stage is already going full steam in western societies, and is being extended a bit more every day. We have also entered a repression phase, with a growing number of individuals ending up in jail for merely disagreeing with open door immigration. The next stage will be elimination...

(Usually white) males still have the power to reverse this Orwelian trend with their wallet, and they can stop financing Unilever. Stop buying Unilever brands, which include but are not limited to: Axe, Dove, Becel, Vaseline, Hellman's, Ben & Jerry’s, Signal, Sunlight, Knorr, Lipton, Bertoli, Magnum, Stork and Omo.

Full list of Unilever brands: 

AIM, Ades, Ala, Altis, Amino, Admodent, Amora, Andrélon, Andy, Annapurna, Arisco, Astra, Aviance, Axe, Baba, Badedas, Baltimor, Bango, Becel, Ben & Jerry’s, Beseda, Best Foods, Bio Tex, Block & White, Blue Band, Bona, Bovril, Breeze, Brilhante, Brooke Bond, 3 Roses, Taaza, Taj Mahal, Bru, Brut, Buavita, Bushells, Café Zero, Cajoline, Calvé, Caress, Carte D’Or, Chirat, Choysa, Cif,  Citra, Clear, Clinic Plus+, Closeup, Coco, Colman’s, Conimex, Continental, Coral, Cornetto, Country Crock, Cream Silk, Cremissimo, Croma, Crème Bonjour, Cucciolone, Cup a Soup, Cuñataí, Dawn, Deja, Cremosa Delicata, Deli K’at, Delma, Dero, Domestos, Doriana, Dorina, Dove, Drive, Du Darfst, Dusch Das, Effi, Elconomi Handalan, Elais, Elfante, Elle 18, Elmlea, Elephant, Eskinol, Ebra, Fab, Fair & Lovely, Fissan Baby, Fofo, Folicuré, Frigo, Fruco, Fruit D’Or, Fruttare, GB Glace, Gabi, Geisha, Glaxose-D, Glen, Globus, Glysolid, Good Morning, HB, Hamam, Hazeline, Heartbrand, Hellmann’s, Hera, Hertog, Holanda, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Iberia, Impulse, Inmarko, Jif, Joko, Kalina, Kasia, Kibon, Kissan, Klondike, Knorr, Knorrox, Kuner, La Perfecta, La Danesa, Lakemé, Lan-Choo, Laojee, Lavo Matic, Le Sancy, Lever 2000, Ayush, Lifebuoy, Ligeresa, Linera, Lipton, Liril, Lizano, Lusso, Lux, Lyons, LÄTTA, New Magic, Magnum, Maille, Maizena, Malloa, Marmite, Max, Mazola McColin’s, Mentadent, Milda. Mimosin, Mod’s Hair, Mondamin, Monsavon, Míša, Natura’s, Nea Fytini, Neutral, Nevex, Nexxus, Noxzema, OMO, Organics, P/S, PG Tips, Pearl Dust, Pears, Perla, Persil, Pfanni, Pingüino, Planta Fin, Pond’s, Popsicle, Pot Noodle, Prodent, Proderm, Pummaro, Pureit, Puro, Pyshka, Q-tips, Radiante, Rafhan, Rama, Rexona, Ri-K, Rin, Rinso, Robertsons, Robijn, Saga, Sana, Sanella, SariWangi, Savo, Savora, Selecta, Signal, Simple, Skip, Sol, Solero, Solo, St. Ives, Stork, Suave, Sun, Sunil, Sunlight, Sunsilk, Super Fresco, Super Pell, Surf, Szavo, TIGI, Thea, Tortex, Tulipán, Té Club, Tío Rico, Trésemmé, Ultrex, Unilever Food Solutions, Unox, VO5, Vaseline, Via, and Viennetta