Sick? Welcome!


In an unprecedented demonstration of clinical retardation, even to liberal standards, Ahmed Hussen, Canada's Somali Immigration Minister, announced that the federal government will change the existing restrictions on sick migrants.

Previously, any migrant with medical conditions that would either be a potential public health issue or a strain on the health care system would be disqualified from immigrating to Canada.

Under the new proposal, any migrant, no matter what disease he or she is carrying, would not be barred from immigrating to Canada. From a cost perspective, an HIV+ migrant would cost the provincial healthcare system at least $1 million, for other conditions, the cost could reach several millions per migrant. From a public health point of view, some diseases rampant in developing countries but not present in North America could make a dramatic come back. 

This new proposed policy is pure insanity as it is, let alone when considering that the healthcare system in Canada is in complete disarray and certainly does not need more strain.

Another perfect example of the absolute inability of liberals to think with logic, acting instead with emotions, and in doing so, completely destroying their country.