Stop Buying MEC!


In the latest totalitarian, fascist, and intolerant move the RLF (Regressive Liberal Fascists) have come to be known for, all in the name of "tolerance" and "peace" of course, the formerly Mountain Equipment Co-Op (now a bunch of feminized Social Justice Warriors catering to a non-Canadian urban immigrant population), have decided that Canadians shouldn't have guns.

They have indeed dropped several Vista Outdoor Inc.-owned brands, including Bushnell, CamelBak and Bollé, because Vista owns Savage, which, the horror, manufactures rifles popular in Canada. 

It is therefore time that Canadian men still with a nut sack, and the few actual women remaining in Canada, take a stand and stop giving their money to enable this latest liberal fuckery.

For those who are nostalgic about MEC (no longer Mountain Equipment Co-Op), just look at their latest marketing visuals: A couple of Syrian refugees in a urban setting. The wilderness and outdoor concept of the brand is gone. So is the white male.

Display ad in windows of MEC stores across Canada

Display ad in windows of MEC stores across Canada