Only Men Go to "Valhalla"


Our true culture, when not appropriated and bastardized by the left and/or the Church (as in pretty much every "Asatru" organization in the free world), is a warrior culture. 

As such, places like Glaðsheimr in Valhöll (with Óðinn), and Sessrúmnir in Fólkvangr (with Freyja) are exclusively reserved to men, those who die in actual combat, and those who are among the best warriors on earth. 

Why men? Because only warriors go to Valhöll or Fólkvangr, and in Norse culture (or today's warriors' culture for that matter), only men can be warriors. It is a question of biology, really. 

Why men who died in actual combat and are the best warriors on earth? Because all these bros will fight alongside the Æsir (including Óðinn) when Ragnarøkr comes. 

In order to fight Jötnar and a wide array of nasty creatures, in a full blown up war, you need to be one of the best warriors, and you need to have proved it (can't beat dying in combat for that). 

At the end of the day, you don't go to war with junkies, piles of crisco, feminists, transgenders, diseased chicks, cucks, etc... 

Nope this is not up to the "gods" to decide whether you are worth it (ain't you special). Skuld (one of the 3 Nornir) decides of your afterlife after she reads the tapestry of your life and all your deeds woven by Verðandi (her sister). 

And for the vast majority of spineless losers pissing on our culture in order to accommodate a regressive liberal agenda that is an insult to any Norseman, dead or alive, it will be Hel, and the Niflhel area. 

The place that is a constantly frozen swamp inhabited by demonic spirits whose only goal is to constantly chase you. A black river separates this desolate place from Narstrand, a beach of náir (corpses). There you will find a building entirely made of interwoven snakes that constantly spit their venom in the center of the hall, creating an entire pool and river of venom.