The Viking Great Army


Sure enough, following the confirmation of 300 (male) remains in England being Vikings, people had to claim that it also included women, as they have, after all, to back up their revisionist regressive liberal and feminists propaganda. 

We cannot keep debunking every piece of retardation argir and dumb cunts come up with to bastardize Norse culture to fit their pathetic and moronic views and existence. Addressing their retardation is also giving them credit.

But for this time, once again, we will point out two fundamental facts:

1. Paper does not refer to women. At all. So the woman claim was just made up. See actual paper at…/standa/viking_great_army_in_england.pdf
2. Even if women are among the remains, doesn't make such women warriors. Like finding women at a bombed DAESH site doesn't make these women terrorists or fighters, but likely sex slaves, wives, etc... Because of the cultural context, which is essential to reach logical and factual conclusions.

As a reminder, we are not interested in argir arguing with us about shit they have no clue about. We are sorely aware of an ongoing drop in IQ's among people in the west, we witness it every day on this page, and we do not need further evidence of it.