Yeah, we're still Vikings


Yes. We Norðmenn (Norsemen) were Víkingar (Vikings), and still are!

The etymology of the word "citizen" comes from civitas in Latin, which means city. It therefore specifically relates to people in cities. Yet, would any American national born and raised in the United States of America not refer to himself or herself as a U.S. citizen just because they don't live in a city? Nope. The term has come to represent all the people sharing nationality in a specific country.

The term "Viking" is no different. We stated in another post that it is a noun ("víkingr" in norrœnt or Old Norse) and not a verb contrary to popular belief. 

Now, let's make it clear that although the etymology of the term possibly refers to activities relating to "bays", performing such activities was not a requirement in order to be referred to as a Viking, like an American doesn't have to live in a city to be referred to as a citizen.

Yes, Norsemen were referred to as Vikings. Whether or not they raided. This reference also became cultural, with many Nordic countries, especially Iceland and also Norway, having men referred to themselves as Vikings. And a lot of brands, businesses, units etc... involving the term Viking.

So, we were Vikings and we still are. Again, Anglophone morons who should mind their own culture cannot change historical and cultural facts.