Denied Training?


As per our rules at, we can deny you training for any reason. Sure, we are supposed to educate people. But not all people can be educated, and not all people are worth our time.

If you think the very women who created safe spaces, who need protection against men supposedly equal to them, and who see a joke as sexual assault can be shield maidens and warriors capable of facing in combat men biologically inherently superior from a physical and mental perspective, then you are, to put it bluntly, stupid. You clearly lack intelligence, education, critical thinking skills, and we would be wasting our time and resources on you.

Same goes if you believe that hunting wolves is a good idea... It shows utter stupidity and ignorance, and absolute inability to process facts and science-based information. In other words, your brain isn't designed to process new information, and you cannot grow as an individual.

And same goes for those who don't understand Islam is a religion/ideology and not a race, or who don't understand that a black U.S. Marine cannot reasonably be a white supremacist, or that being fine with being white is not racist. Or that rejecting faggotry and transgenderism doesn't make us homophobic, especially those of us who have switched teams.

On top of that, there are people who simply won't fit within our organization, or that we just don't like, so we want nothing to do with them, and certainly not spend time interacting with them. This includes idiots who demonstrate, somehow, a lack of critical thinking or some sort of cognitive dissonance. 

And of course, there are security and risk assessment considerations. 

We are a warrior culture, and there are people who will never belong. At the end of the day, we only want to engage with people who share our views and philosophy. We certainly aren't an inclusive space for all rejects and retards.