Leadership Ineptitude


By any account, Kuntistan (formerly known as the United Kingdom) is plagued with a limitless list of systemic issues, and listing them all would probably require a new edition of the Britannica Encyclopedia. Brits are dying from lack of medical care, sharia law is taking hold in major cities, the military has turned into a Muslim transgender pride, and let's no forget, the economy is tanking, and it isn't going to get better.

Yet, what is that hag called Teresa May focusing on? Offense. She keeps wasting time, money and resources trying to police the online world to rid it of.... offensive comments. 

This type of cognitive dissonance is associated with gender. As women have been proving over and over again since they have used their vagina to get into power (later claiming it wasn't non consensual of course), they are incapable of placing emotions aside and make decisions based on facts and critical thinking.

This is how we end up with millions of barbaric migrants all over Europe after women saw a dead baby on some beach and had a nervous breakdown over it. This is how we end up with an emasculated military incapable to defend our countries because they have become safe spaces for the worst losers of society, and this is how we end up with the white male being erased from an history we have built. 

And this is how we end up with a dumb cunt focusing on offensive online content while her country is going down the drain.