The End of Hunting?


There is a new threat to our ability as Norsemen to hunt our own meat, and to remain disengaged from processed foods loaded with endocrine disrupters: Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). 

As most everything plaguing us, we humans are directly responsible for it. In a balanced ecosystem, apex predators such as wolves kill sick animals, thereby preventing the spread of diseases such as CWD. Mentally-challenged and otherwise ignorant argir (usually trophy hunters with a micro-penis syndrome) call it gratuitous killings, or killing for fun (that's what these losers do so they imagine wolves do the same). It isn't. Wolves kill ungulates they don't consume for the overall good of the ecosystem and the survival of all key species. Because wolves can detect sick animals, and they know that if they allow the disease to spread, well, they are fucked. It is instinctual.

Unfortunately, wolves have been hunted to extirpation or close to in most areas, and continue to be hunted under various dubious excuses. With the wolves gone, or their population dramatically reduced worldwide from their original numbers, there is no top predator left to keep things in check.

So we end up with diseases like CWD. Diseases that are spreading and we have no control over. We even make things worse by farming deer and other wildlife so fat losers can feel like men "hunting" these animals in a controlled environment. 

CWD can jump species, like BSE did. As it is a prion, no amount of meat heating or processing can kill it. Prions can also remain in soil for a very, very long time. A prion is essentially our worst nightmare. It is worse than any virus or bacteria. There is nothing we can do against it.

So, while trophy hunters were shooting wolves under the utterly retarded excuse populations were too high, wolves were depredating on livestock or defenseless babies, wolves were responsible for all the evil in the world, etc... CWD kept spreading.

It is only a matter of time before CWD cases are found in humans. The minute it happens, hunting of certain ungulate species will be restricted, and eventually outright banned. Even if it wasn't, consuming meat contaminated with CWD is utter insanity. 

Human's stupidity and ignorance, and in this case, that of wolf and trophy hunters specifically, are ruining it for everyone, again. These argir are to Norse traditional lifestyle, which inherently involves self-sufficiency, hunting our own food, and being one with our natural environment, what feminists are to western civilization: A cancer.