Tesco "Equal" Pay


The latest out of Kuntistan (formerly United Kingdom) is a bunch of females (primarily land whales) launching a class action lawsuit against Tesco, their employer, claiming essentially that women sitting all day on their fat ass (being cunts to clients) is the same as males working their ass off all day in a warehouse, and therefore, the land whales are entitled to the same pay...

The dumb cunts already make more money all things considered than the men in the exact same positions, because women, overall, work less. They go away on maternity leaves, arrive and leave work early or don't work on week ends under the excuse of having to look after children, take much more time off for various ailments, including PMSing, or just naturally being a nasty bitch, and the list goes on.

Where will this end? At this point, the wisest thing for any corporation to do is to never hire women ever again.

Article: https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/women-launch-4bn-law-suit-11983600