The Brits were Black

As it turns out, us Vikings seem to have much more in common with the Brits than we previously thought. We both share similar ancestors: Black vegan transgender Muslims!

A new (women-driven, you guessed it) study claims that ancestors of the British a close 10,000 years ago were not only black, but also lactose intolerant (and thus probably vegan), as well as of fluid gender (as they clearly look like the typical British Airways female stewardess, just a black version without pink lipstick.)

It all makes sense though. Britain is known for its sun exposure, and only people of darker skin would have been able to handle the nearly 364 days a year of bright sun in places like London. As for lactose intolerant, and vegan, Tesco offers at least one aisle of organic products for the lactose, gluten and everything-tolerant people, which the first settlers of Britain certainly took advantage of. Who needs to hunt and consume animal products for survival when there's Tesco? We also all know that women are the superior gender, and Muslims the superior culture and ideology, and they both built our modern civilization, and Britain of course.

What about us white males? Race and gender is a social construct. We are in fact black transgender dykes.