Horror in France

Photo Credit: BBC/Getty Images

Photo Credit: BBC/Getty Images

France's Interior Minister, Gérard Collomb, calls it a "heinous racist attack". The gender equality minister, Marlène Schiappa, denounced the crime as "unacceptable racism and sexism".

What is this "heinous" attack? Was a woman tortured, gang raped, disemboweled (with her intestine laying around, as reported in India)? Is such horrendous crime motivated by race? Was the unspeakable committed because the victim was a woman? What horror actually did plunge France into shock?

What is referred to as a "heinous racist attack" and "unacceptable racism and sexism" is a letter sent to Laetitia Avia, some obscure lawmaker in Macron's government, that states: "We're not going to let a fat black swine from Africa meddle in the lives of the French" and "you'd be better off working on behalf of retarded African people, who can only think about squeezing money from France." 


For perspective, Laetitia Avia was recently accused of... savagely biting a taxi driver in France. The crime was never referred to "heinous", wasn't even called an "attack" (when it clearly was), she was never charged, and she didn't even lose her job.  

This latest media hysteria over what remains at the end of the day a taxpayer expressing an opinion completely shadowed other news such as Russia announcing unstoppable nuclear weapons, many of which positioned at the borders of Europe. 

Another demonstration of the feminization of society and women constantly driven by emotions and incapable of making rational decisions based on facts. Because let's face it, insults in a letter do not constitute an "attack", let alone a "heinous" attack, nor is the incident "racist" just because the complainant is black. 

That woman in India, who was actually the victim of a "henous attack", as she was found with over 30 injuries with indications that her uterus and intestines were pierced by sharp weapons following a gang rape, probably would agree. Unfortunately, she can only be turning in her grave now.

This incident also raises another important question: If an insult in some letter is considered a "heinous racist attack", how does Laetitia Avia refer to the routine torture, rape, and dismemberment of both men and women in Africa where her family comes from?

Original article: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-43227001