Totalitarian West

Photo Credit: Europe 1

Photo Credit: Europe 1

Another day, another conservative politician charged, either in public opinion courts or actual courts of law, for alleged racism or harassment. 

In Canada, Patrick Brown had to withdraw from the Ontario Progressive Conservative race after being relentless harassed by the media over false claims of sexual harassment. The RLF (Regressive Left Fascists) wouldn't even leave his own mother alone, sending her to hospital. 

In France, it is now Marine Le Pen being charged for pointing out the horrors of ISIS/DAESH in a tweet.

Invariably, anyone who dares even questioning the regressive liberal and feminist narrative is silenced through false accusations of racism, sexism, hatred or harassment, that only a feminized herd of sheep would even entertain.

The very liberals and feminists slamming Russia and North Korea for silencing the political opposition are doing the very same... One claim of racism or harassment at a time.