The War on White Boys

Photo credit: CBC

Photo credit: CBC

We knew about boys being taught from an early age in the public school system that it is bad to be a male. Increasingly, transgender programs and workshop encourage boys to seek heavy medication to delay puberty, and promote changing sex, on the basis that males are toxic, and being a boy just is a very bad thing.

Now, the public school system has added the skin color to the mix. Being a boy is bad, but being a white boy is even worse. The Gold Trail school district in British Columbia (you guessed it, in Cuckistan) is now running a campaign to stigmatize white boys under the excuse of white privilege, and all this at the cost of taxpayers' money, without parents consent or even knowledge.

The woman (of course) behind all this is Teresa Downs, whose horrendous hairstyle and fake eyebrows reek of feminist cancer. If you want to share your views about her latest retardation, her email address is: General email address is:

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