True Discrimination

Photo credit: CBC

Photo credit: CBC

A line from a popular TV show summarizes the current state of affairs in our modern society. To someone asking what he had missed over the last few years, a man responded: "You can now marry anyone and anything, and being a white male is illegal."

Yes, people are now free to marry whoever they want in most western countries. Including Canada. Men can marry men. Women can marry women. Things of unknown or undefined genders can marry other similar creatures. This tolerance and inclusion doesn't apply to straight men though. Those are not allowed to marry more than one woman, even if all parties are consenting adults. 

The fact that those straight men's religion calls for polygamy is irrelevant as well. Only invasive religions such as Islam matter in Canada, especially because majority of followers of such religions are not white. Muslims can beat up their wife, kill their daughters for not wearing a hijab, marry under age and non-consenting girls, it's all good. It's called cultural enrichment and tolerance. But a Christian man wanting to marry more than one woman who are totally into it is a crime. Probably because he is white.

In Canada, freedom of religion and freedom of conscience supposedly constitutionally guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms doesn't apply to white straight men who are not Muslim.

This is true discrimination. 

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