U.K. is Lost


Britain's fall towards becoming a totalitarian regime, and ultimately a failed state eventually, seems unstoppable.

Its military is now an international embarrassment following the recruiting of Muslims, women, emotional wrecks and weaklings, and is expected to lose any type of readiness and ability to fight enemies within a few years. 

Sharia Laws is in place in many cities, with authorities ignoring vast networks of child sexual abuse and exploitation under the excuse of "inclusivity" and "cultural enrichment". 

Those who dare expressing an opinion are jailed, political opposition is silenced through persecution, and any dissenting opinion is now eliminated, as shown today with the political establishment celebrating the FB ban of Britain First, or the British government now wanting to ban RT news... 

At no time in history has the fall of an empire been so fast, and totalitarism spread so quickly. It is now a matter of betting how long it takes before anyone who doesn't follow the narrative (typically white males) are rounded up into concentration camps.