Useless Environmentalists

Photo credit: Tourism Vancouver

Photo credit: Tourism Vancouver

Environmentalist are invariably liberal. They hug trees while promoting open borders and out of control immigration. When they run out of resources, they blame everything and everyone, except themselves of course, and the most favorite culprit is climate change.

Sure, climate change can change things. It has for millions of years.

But the main issue here is a very basic concept modern liberal societies have completely forgotten: The carrying capacity of the land.

In a nut shell, land only has limited resources that can only accommodate a limited number of organisms using these resources. When too many organisms use too much limited resources, the carrying capacity of the land is exceeded, and organisms die until balance on the land is reached again. 

In the case of Vancouver, now expected to run out of drinkable water despite having 400+ days of rain a year, the issue is very simple. It isn't so much climate change, as it is the sad fact that the carrying capacity of the land has been exceeded.

Out of control immigration has increased population to such a point, that there is no longer resources for everyone. But liberals being liberals, they keep artificially supporting what is absolutely unsustainable. 

Typical liberal thinking: Ruining it for everybody just to accommodate others just because it feels good. Self-destruction at best.

Meanwhile, as long as environmentalists are liberal and favor liberal policies such as unchecked immigration, they cannot possibly be taken seriously. After all, they are the very people destroying the environment they claim to want to protect.

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