Act of Heroism

Photo credit: La Gazette de la Manche

Photo credit: La Gazette de la Manche

Modern society seems to have completely forgotten what a true act of heroism is. In this day and age, a woman destroying a man's life by falsely accusing him of sexual harassment because he looked at her more than 4 seconds is hailed as "acts of heroism".

But let's try to remember what heroism truly is.

A recent example is LTC Arnaud Beltrame, of Gendarmerie Nationale (French federal police that is part of the military). During the terrorist attack and hostage crisis at the Super U supermarket in Trèbes, France, yesterday, he volunteered to take the place of several hostages, to save them. With complete disregard for his own security. Acting instead in the best interest of complete strangers. 

He got shot for it. And died for it.

Certainly brings some perspective to the regressive liberal and feminist definition of heroism. While, ironically, reminding them all that they really are nothing without real men.

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