Whoring Yourself Out


Facebook and the mainstream media would have you believe that the Cambridge Analytica fiasco and fall out is just an anomaly, and that your personal information is otherwise safeguarded by social media.

Well, it is not.

For a fee, we, as a privately-held corporation, are provided by Facebook an amount of personal data about our followers, or just other FB users, that is so extensive that we are at a point where we're at a loss about what to do with the shear volume of data.

Essentially, we know everything about you: Names you have used, age, race, political views, location, marital status, family members, friends, place of work, how long you spend online, when you spend time on line, on what device, how much money you make, when and how you spend it, where you shop, what you buy.... And the list goes on and on.

So, don't kid yourself. When you set up an account on social media, for "free", you are whoring yourself out, by handing over to, let's face it, an evil corporation, everything about yourself and your personal life, to use as they see fit. Including for sharing with government agencies and their agents to control you and to slowly bring you into a tyrannical state and society. 

The reality of the matter is that you are prostituting yourself. And for cheap.

You'd probably be better off sucking cock for $10 a load. Would be less damaging to your life and that of your children on the long term.